Enovitis in campo Bio

ENOVITIS IN CAMPO BIO is the first event dedicated specifically to exploring the best cultivation techniques for organic vineyard management.
The event is the result of a project led by FederBio Servizi in conjunction with Unione Italiana Vini with the participation of technical sponsors.

ENOVITIS IN CAMPO BIO it was possible to show the use of the latest technology, materials and equipment that can be used in all the agronomic practices necessary to produce organic wines.
Therefore, with the aim of giving a realistic overview of the management of an organic vineyard, sponsor companies was given the opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate the different cultivation techniques and practices as well as the innovative machinery and equipment that can be used.
The various practices that were shown are: planting a vineyard, plant protection, nutrition, soil management, canopy management, harvesting, implementation of modern agricultural tractors, irrigation methods, biomass management and recovery and control and detection systems for precision viticulture.

FederBio Servizi Organisational Secretariat
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