Six technologies enter this year in the Palmarès of the Innovation Challenge Enovitis in Campo 2019, the competition that awards the best technological innovations that will be presented at the next edition of the event.

There are three equipment that have obtained the most prestigious recognition consisting of the "Technological Innovation Award" which is attributed to the "works" that can boast a significant innovation and that present significant elements of progress for different qualitative parameters in the opinion of the Technical-scientific Committee, of the technical panel of international experts and of the judgment of the technicians participating in Enoforum 2019.

The Innovation Challenge Enovitis in Campo Competition 2019 also awarded three "New Technology", a recognition that is reserved for technologies considered to be partially innovative, as they present elements of progress at least for one of the evaluation parameters provided for in the competition announcement.



Technology Innovation Award


 Isodiametric tractor with reversible guide mounted on a 74hp 4-cylinder turbo engine. It is equipped with Infinity hydrostatic transmission and ACTIO ™ full-swing steering frame, medium-narrow track, ideal for use in vineyards or row crops, also located on vertical or lateral slopes.
The transmission makes it possible to work with the same speeds on the two driving fronts, having two mechanical ranges (0-15 and 0-40 km / h), each with 3 hydrostatic speed ranges. All transmission functions communicate via CAN-BUS technology. On request the Starlight cabin is supplied which combines high operating comfort with the compactness necessary to work in the various agricultural sectors.

Advanced auto guide system for independent tractor management.
Innovative hybrid assisted driving system which, thanks to state-of-the-art mechatronic systems, facilitates the operator in all field and road operations.
It makes use of the connection to the satellite guide and the storage and control of the position of the wheels during sloping and furrow machining.
It eliminates the effects of external stresses on the tractor's directionality, stiffens the steering based on the speed in automotive style and allows the automatic return of the wheels to the central position.

Pneumatic pulverizing sprayer with anti-drift diffuser.
Pneumatic pulverizing sprayer with anti-drift diffuser that allows more effective treatments respecting the environment.
An innovation developed in collaboration with the DISAFA - University of Turin, for the pneumatic pulverizing sprayer market.
The sprayer reduces the drift effect by producing larger drops if necessary without modifying the volume and the speed of the air supplied, nor the liters per hectare of liquid distributed.
The regulation of the level of pulverization of the liquid is managed by the operator in the cabin, depending on the environmental and territorial conditions.

New Technology

Special adjuvant that exerts a "booster" effect for the agrochemicals with which it is mixed and increases the efficiency of the treatment.
Thanks to the different functionalities (surfactant / tackifier, anti-foam and anti-drift) guaranteed by a specific and innovative formulation composition, MAGO exerts a "booster" effect for the crop protection products with which it is mixed and increases the phytoiatric efficacy of the products mixed with a better crop protection.
It has lower environmental risks related to foam, drift, dripping, etc. and can be used on all crops, mixed with all fungicides and insecticides.

Specific and dedicated app for pheromone traps.
Application for geolocation in the field of pheromone traps with the GPS system, downloadable on any smartphone with Android or Ios operating system. It allows the location on the territory of the traps used to monitor the presence of certain insects. It is based on a satellite cartographic platform and allows a precise mapping of the company boundaries and the registration of the pheromone traps installed in the company divided by type and target insect.

It adapts perfectly to all types of vineyards, respecting the berries and the foliar wall of the plants.
The operational capabilities of the Grapes ’Line self-propelled grape harvester make it a productive machine, with a rapid harvest, high quality and without losses, with maximum respect for the vineyard, with a cutting-edge driving technology.
The range consists of three models: Grapes' Line 60i, 60 and 80SP and the shaking system is very effective thanks to the new geometry of the shaker shafts which allows a greater speed of advance on the row, a greater respect for the vegetation and a perfect collection around the posts with simple operator adjustments from the driver's seat.
The new grating belt conveyor and lifting cups with integrated grape selection system, only passes 30% of the grapes harvested under vacuum cleaners.