The 2022 Winners

Eight technologies are entering this year in the Palmarès of the Innovation Challenge Enovitis in campo 2022, the competition that rewards the best technological innovations presented in this edition of the event.
Two technologies this year have been awarded the Technology Innovation Award, the highest award of the Innovation Challenge "Lucio Mastroberardino" Enovitis in campo 2022.
The Technological Innovation Award is awarded to "works" that can boast a significant innovation and that present significant elements of progress for different qualitative parameters in the opinion of the Technical-Scientific Committee.
The Enovitis Innovation Challenge Competition in 2022 has also awarded six "New Technology", an award that is reserved for technologies considered to be partially innovative, as they present elements of progress for at least one of the evaluation parameters provided for in the notice of competition.

Technology Innovation Award

Atomizzatore Smart Synthesis Hybrid
The sprayer introduces the real-time control of the fan air flow in relation to the characteristics of the vegetation and this is made possible by the electric drive of the fan. The regulation of the air volume is fundamental in ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment and to limit the harmful phenomenon of drift. The use of PWM nozzles with pulsed jet management allows the formation of a droplet population that does not change in size as the flow rate of the mixture changes.

Atomizzatore elettrico E-SPRAYER
The atomizer E-SPRAYER is characterized by the high system innovation not only on the operating machine "full electric", but also for having developed a construction site interconnected with the evolution "E-SOURCE NewHolland". The full electric system opens up a new technological scenario in viticulture as it allows the best calibration of functional organs, a considerable energy saving, a clean transmission of power and a maneuverable and agile construction site.

New Technology

Trattore SRX 5800 TORA da 52 HP
L’SRX 5800 Tora riunisce una serie di peculiarità d’eccellenza normalmente riscontrabili solo su trattori di maggior potenza: cabina a soli 4 montanti omologata in classe 4 idonea come DPI nei trattamenti fitosanitari, posto di guida ribassato, fino a 13 prese idrauliche e motori conformi allo Stage 5 in tema di emissione gassose inquinanti, mettendo di fatto a disposizione dei viticoltori una macchina che, pur di potenza relativamente limitata, evidenzia caratteristiche tecniche di avanguardia assoluta.

ARVAplant Mobile, sistema portatile di picchettamento
The ARVAplant Mobile system has shown uniqueness in its category and is presented as a simple and efficient system for experienced technicians who can solve the problem of the "design" of the plant of a vineyard directly in the field. Particularly appreciated was the fact that the system allows the execution of the tracking and the calculation of the necessary material by a single operator and in any soil condition. Of particular importance was the possibility to program the numerical needs of the materials in a precise way before the plant with a timely programming avoiding waste and loss of time as well as operational inconvenience. The tool, particularly suitable for manual systems, offers a concrete possibility of support and economic savings to the construction of plants even in soil conditions not suitable for mechanization.

Trattore Eagle BS Dualsteer super ribassato
The electronically controlled clutch of the Eagle 95 range introduces in the panorama of medium-high power isodiametric tractors some functions that improve the level of comfort and safety of the operator, especially in the longer working days and in the execution of repetitive manoeuvres, such as in the handling of materials with the front loader. The upgrade to Stage 5 in terms of polluting gaseous emissions generally involves an increase in the overall dimensions of the engine compartment, while in this case it has been commendably successful in reducing the height of 80 mm, with tangible advantages for visibility between the rows.

The biodegradability of the BIOOtwin L polymers, together with the release characteristics of the pheromone that guarantee its complete exhaustion before the spring following that of application, greatly simplifies its management in the field. The product must not be removed because it will be totally absorbed by the soil and transformed into organic substance (carbon dioxide, water and biomass).

Kit Cima -  Easy Farm
The CIMA Easy Farm Kit is a management software that allows you to monitor operational data (average distributed dose, average speed and average working pressure, distributed liters of water + agrodrug, treated hectares, total time of operation and actual treatment, registration via GPS of the route taken). Data storage provides a Processing Report. This enables operational efficiency, better management of company machines, traceability of operations and data storage.

Stimolazione UV
The system of emission of UV-C rays is an innovative method for the control in the vineyard of some fungal diseases, stimulating the natural defense mechanisms of the plant, thus responding to the needs of reducing the use of chemicals.