Congress: Border Lands. Soil - vine in the challenge of quality and climate change







Organized by “Il Corriere Vinicolo”

In collaboration with “Consorzio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano”


The study day will be dedicated to exploring the dynamics that come into play in the complex but crucial relationship between the vine and the soil, with a focus on the experience of Sangiovese in the Nobile di Montepulciano area.

A precious and unprecedented opportunity to investigate a series of issues related to the "place" where the origin of the vine is concentrated and therefore of the wine that will become increasingly important in the management of climate change in the vineyard and in the perspective of international competition where characterisation will become a determining factor of success. It is no coincidence that this topic has been chosen in one of the wine-producing areas - Montepulciano - most dedicated to its own grape variety - Sangiovese - which thanks to the relationship with its land has given life to great wines such as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, among the first Italian docg in order of time and fame. The conference, led by speakers with considerable scientific background from universities and research centres, both Italian and foreign, will be addressing a qualified audience of entrepreneurs, agronomists, wine makers and in general operators in the national and international wine supply chain, now more and more attentive to this relationship as a determining element in the characterisation of wines of origin. In the afternoon, to complete the conference, an extraordinary comparison tasting will take place with a view to highlighting the imprint that different soils can give wines from the point of view of style, organoleptics and quality.  The tasting format will include the comparison of six Italian wines, red and white, and six foreign wines.


Talks line-up

Enovitis in campo inauguration

-        Greetings: Michele Angiolini, Montepulciano Mayor; Ernesto Abbona, Unione Italiana Vini President; Paolo Castelletti, Unione Italiana Vini General


Technology Innovation Award Prizegiving


-        Greetings: Consorzio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano President; Tuscany Region Agriculture Executive

-        Introduction: Giulio Somma, Corriere Vinicolo Director

-        Moderator: Gioacchino Bonsignore, Mediaset TG5





 ATTILIO SCIENZA - University of Milan

 How to protect and valorise the Italian wine heritage?


LUCIO BRANCADORO - Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - University of Milan 

The resilience of the vineyard to climate change: the role of rootstocks and the experience of M


DIEGO TOMASI - Centre of Viticulture and Oenology – CREA

The link between soil and roots: the only lever for future quality improvements


EDOARDO A.C. COSTANTINI - CRA - Experimental Institute for Soil Study and Defence, Florence

Unmodifiable characteristics of the soil and quality of the wines


RICCARDO VELASCO - Director of the Centre of Viticulture and Oenology - CREA VE

Plant-pathogen interaction in the face of climate changes

Gennaro Giliberti – Tuscany Region - Agriculture in Rural Development Executive Commitee

Marco Mazzoncini – Agricultural and Food Research Centre "E. Avanzi" of Pisa University

The integrated planning of the sector: results of the project "INVITAS - Technological innovations for a high - sustainable country vine-growing"


Round Table - "Soil and Grape: testimonies in the field" - experiences of producers compared, with focus on the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

There will be representatives of a few wineries to collect testimonies, "in the field" related to soil management, how climate change is experienced/addressed and on which problems/critical points viticulture asks scientific research for innovative solutions. Representatives of FRESCOBALDI, ANTINORI, BERTANI DOMAINS, CAVIT and ASSOENOLOGI will be invited to take part.



In the afternoon:


"Character of soils and organoleptic analysis: 12 labels compared"

Guided tasting by Daniele Cernilli (DoctorWine) and Yiannis Karakasis (Master of Wine)

Comparative tasting of 6 Italian and 6 foreign wines, white and red, with the aim of highlighting the imprint that different soils can give wines from the point of view of style, organoleptics and quality. The tasting format will include a comparison in a "debate" between Italian wines and international wines.