Enovitis Program 2018




Company Presentation by Compo Expert Italia:

Vineyard nutrition according to Compo Expert for a qualitative and quantitative improvement in production

Federico Bosi



Official inauguration of the 13th edition of Enovitis in Campo


· Ernesto Abbona, Chairman of the Unione Italiana Vini

· Corrado Casoli, Chairman of Cantine Riunite & CIV

·        Luciano Rizzi, Area Manager of Veronafiere

·        Maurizio Terzi, Mayor of Fabbrico


20 years of Enovitis in Campo: recognition plaques given to the event's long-time exhibitors


Innovation Challenge Enovitis in Campo 2018 award-giving ceremony



Lambrusco: project and experiences for a sustainable vineyard - Conference organised by Il Corriere Vinicolo



Sparkling wines and Lambrusco: an all-Italian heritage

·        Carlo Flamini, Coordinator of the Wine Observatory (Osservatorio del Vino)


The new varieties of “Resistant Grapes” in Emilia Romagna

·        Giovanni Nigro, Head of the Wine and Olive-Oil Industry at the CRPV – Crop Production Research Centre - a cooperative


Round Table

Talks by:

· Corrado Casoli, Chairman of Cantine Riunite & CIV

·        Marco Stefanini, Centre of Grapevine Genetics and Genetical Improvement  - Edmund Mach Foundation

·        Michele Alessi, Director of the PIUE VII office - Wine industry - Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy, Directorate-General for international Policies and of the European Union    

·       Paolo Pirani, Emilia Romagna Regional Government


Moderator: Giulio Somma, Editor in Chief of Il Corriere Vinicolo


Company Presentation by Federunacoma:

Mechaisation for the vineyard: the question of tractors with cantilevered motors




Company Presentation by Ager – Mpa Solutions

Enophit and the new supports to Enogis's sustainable decisions

Steno Fontanari



Company Presentation by Nuova Defim

The advantages of COR-TEN wire for the vineyard. Ecco il Pan - National Action Plan (NAP) for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (Plant Protection Products)

Tiziano Gatti, Silvia Barella and Davide Mombelli




Company Presentation by Arpa Speciali

A new important Joint Venture for the specialist nutrition of the vineyard

Leonardo Placchi



Company Presentation by Green Sharp

Agriculture 4.0 with drones and precision machinery

Ludovico Maradei and Federico Barone



Assessment of waste in the wine industry

Recovery of byproducts: vineyard, winemaking and distillation.



·        Giovanni Nigro, CRPV – Crop Production Research Centre

·        Massimo Messori, Intermech Mo.Re

·        Rosa Taurino, Federica Bondioli, Siteia.Parma

·        Simone Pedrazzi, Giulio Allesina, Intermech.More



Friday 22 JUNE



Innovative models for the mechanised and sustainable management of the vineyard and monitoring of fertility.


·        Giovanni Nigro, CRPV – Crop Production Research Centre

·        Paola Tessarin, CRPV – Crop Production Research Centre

·        Luca Casoli, Provincial Plant Protection Consortium of Modena and Reggio Emilia



Company Presentation by Arysta Lifescience Italia

Arysta Lifescience renews itself and presents Biosolutions: innovative solutions for winemaking

Enrico Boccaletti and Lorenzo Tolotti



Company Presentation by Image Line

QdC - Field book: course to complete it in 5 moves: