Vote in the Vineyard 2018

From "Vote the Tractor" to "Vote in the Vineyard", the contest that involves the Enovitis in Campo visitors in voting the technology presented at the event.


After five editions dedicated to specialised vineyard/orchard tractors, from this year's edition visitors can express their opinion on the various technologies dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyard, on a rotational basis with a specific theme each year. The first topic was the defence of the vineyard, with particular focus on the various types of sprayers.


Future editions will alternate themes concerning other topics such as soil management, canopy management, the harvest and of course specialised tractors again.







CAFFINI - Synthesis


Tangential flow sprayer with distribution targeting the vegetation to be treated only, greater penetration into the foliage, longer exposure time and greater spraying angle of the atomised chemical mixture, great flexibility in l/ha flow rate, different distribution according to the various plant heights.





NOBILI - Ventis FF - Pro


The low volume FF-PRO sprayer can work 3 rows at the same time, up to 3.5 m wide and up to 2.5 m high. The Nobili 502 turbine develops an air speed of up to 180 m/s and feeds the 3 vertical descents, mounted on telescopic arms. Diffusible volumes range from a minimum of 150 l/ha to a maximum of over 1000 l/ha.





MARTIGNANI - Whirlwind Duo Wing Jet


The first and only sprayer that actually recovers the product, combining the action of electrostatic attraction between vegetation and polarised droplets with two special protective air-cushion shields extended beyond their perimeter, without any recycling of the mixture, with 99% reduction of drift effect without chemical residues.






CIMA spa


Special mention received as the trade mark that received the greatest number of responses to the question: "What was your last purchase?"