Vote in the Vineyard 2019



Vote in the Vineyard is the contest, conceived and organised by the UIV and held at Enovitis in campo where visitors are invited to express their preference on the individual machines or equipment presented at the fair by the Exhibitors. Based on the concept of "operation" in the vineyard, the contest is aimed at the machines or more generally the products that make operation possible, grouped by category.


After dedicating the first edition to phytoiatric defence, the 2019 focus will be on soil management, a subject deliberately in line with the theme of the inaugural conference that will take place on the morning of Thursday 20 June and will look at the complex relationship between soil and vine.

The subject of this year's edition, and therefore of the vote, will be all kinds of machines dedicated specifically to the management/tillage of the land (harrows, cultivators, hoers/ridgers, inter-row blades etc.) and to the management of the topsoil (shredders etc.).

Visitors will be able to vote at the and Image Line stand or through dedicated staff around the exhibition area equipped with tablets. On Friday 21 June, the winners of the various categories will be announced in the early afternoon.