ENOVITIS IN CAMPO is the only dynamic fair in Italy entirely dedicated to viticulture technology.

The heart of the event includes tests and demonstrations that take place directly in the vineyard and hence in realistic conditions. Visitors can therefore determine both the effectiveness and the actual applicability of what the exhibitors are offering.

At Enovitis in campo visitors can see at work the latest technology, materials and equipment for all agricultural operations: vineyard planting, plant protection and nutrition, soil management, canopy management, grape harvest, the latest specialised tractors, irrigation, biomass management and recovery and control and detection systems for precision viticulture.

Thanks to the travelling formula, Enovitis in campo has managed to contextualise the use of technologies in the different soil, climate and cultivation environments that characterise Italian vineyards. This is also why, depending on the area, the product scope widens to include technologies for olive growing too.

Finally, the choice of location is essential. Enovitis in campo is always hosted by important wineries around Italy.

2024 edition: Emilia Romagna - Agrivar di Palazzo di Varignana (BO)

Previous editions:

• 2023: Lombardy - Cantina Bottenago - Soc. Agr. Erian (BS)
• 2022: Friuli Venezia Giulia - Tenuta Ca' Bolani (UD)
• 2021: Piemonte - Pico Maccario (AT)
• 2019: Toscana – Tenuta Trerose (SI)
• 2018: Emilia Romagna – Azienda Il Naviglio (RE)
• 2017: Veneto – Vigneti Villabella (VR)
• 2016: Puglia – Azienda Torrevento (BA)
• 2015: Sicilia – Azienda vitivinicola Baglio Biesina (TP)
• 2014: Veneto – Cattolica Agricola Ca' Tron (TV)
• 2012: Emilia-Romagna - Azienda Vitivinicola Condè (FC) 
• 2010: Veneto – Azienda Cà Tron (TV)
• 2008: Umbria – Azienda Falesco (TR)
• 2006: Piemonte – Azienda Pico Maccario (AT)
• 2004: Toscana – Guado al Tasso - Antinori (LI)
• 2002: Veneto – Azienda Lamberti – GIV (VR)
• 2000: Emilia-Romagna – Azienda Cesàri (BO)
• 1998: Lombardia – Azienda sper. Riccagioia (PV)