Enovitis extrême 2023

Enovitis extrême is back, the demonstration event dedicated to viticulture in impervious areas, with high slopes and sometimes even at high altitudes: in a word "heroic".

This led the Unione Italiana Vini, which has always been at the fore when it comes to the transfer of innovations from suppliers to users and in training and information activities in the wine sector, to dedicate a specific event, every two years, to the presentation and testing of this type of equipment, machinery and products designed specifically for use in the above environments, i.e. high slopes, limited planting layouts and small manoeuvering spaces where manoeuverability and the ability to operate in confined spaces are essential.

In addition to the quality of the wines they produce, "heroic" vineyards also represent an extreme defence system for the protection of the territory. However, they are also characterised by very high production costs if compared to viticulture on the plain or areas where mechanisation can be almost complete. Furthermore, even if the cultivation operations can be mechanised, it is necessary to use operating machines and equipment specifically designed and intended for use in very particular conditions, produced and built almost all by hand.

With the complementary objective of enhancing and communicating the peculiarities of the individual territories, Enovitis extrême embraces the touring principle, moving each time around the most characteristic territories.
The second edition of Enovitis extrême took place on 13 July in Alto Adige, in the vineyards surrounding the Cantina Valle Isarco -Kellerei Eisacktal, in Chiusa (BZ).

UNIONE ITALIANA VINI has been organising the event known as Enovitis in campo since 1998. This is the first and only demonstration exhibition of national importance dedicated to the testing of technologies for the cultivation of vineyards actually in the vineyards, the next edition of which is scheduled for 18 and 19 June 2020 in Piedmont. Building on the experience acquired in 14 editions of Enovitis in Campo, with Enovitis extrême, the Unione Italiana Vini completes the varied mosaic for the promotion of technologies for Italian and international viticulture.